V2s - as trigger only

I've got the V2s and it's been great for years.  But now I've bought another flash and it's causing some issues so I've a thought, but aren't sure how to set it up.

Can I use the trigger/camera shoe unit only to trigger both a Canon 550EX and a Canon 430EX III-RT?  as I on'y only have 1 receivering unit, I don't want to have to get another, or upgrade as I think my flashes shouldn't need it.

What I'm trying to do in essence is, avoid having to use my camera/built in flash as a trigger, and only use the 2 externals as flashes.



  • Hello,

    To check whether your dedicated flash units are compatible with Cactus V2s, try attaching them to a camera of other brand in manual mode (e.g. attaching a Nikon TTL flash to a Canon DSLR camera). If the flash can be triggered, it will work with Cactus V2s.

    You may consider using optical slave on one flash, which save you one flash receiver. 

    I hope that helps. 

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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