SB910/SB900 - not going to TTL mode?


I have recently purchased the Cactus v6 and I am pairing it with SB910s or SB900s.  The issue I am finding is that when I connect the speedlight to the Cactus, the speedlight automatically changes to A mode.

I cannot get the speedlight to move into TTL mode and for the life of me, I cannot work out what I am doing wrong.

I have updated my v6 to the latest firmware.
I have setup the profile on the cactus to SB910 (or SB900)

But I am still at a lost as to why the speedlight keeps going into "A" mode.

Can anyone help?



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  • Have you set the V6's profile to "Nikon SB-800" (or 900) while the V6 is TX mode?

    Sorry, I cannot be much help with your particular question as I don't own any Nikon equipment myself. It works as described with my gear (Pentax, Canon, Metz) so unless it is a configuration or power up ordering issue, there may be a bug related to your particular Nikon flash models.

    One more idea: Have you updated to the latest firmware version? There were some Nikon issues with earlier firmware versions that have been fixed.
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