Cactus V6 Firmware Version 1.0.164 Release Notes

Firmware 1.0.164

Bug fix:
-  Fine tuned the power output between 1/2 and 1/1 for the profile of Nikon SB-910.

New feature:
-  To prevent unintended turning of the selection dial and its consequence in affecting the power levels being set unintentionally, the dial can now be locked:
  1. On the TX main screen, pressing and holding the selection dial or the OK button for 2 seconds will lock the selection dial from adjusting all group or single group power level. (Note: The short-cut to adjust a single group power level by pressing a group button and turning the dial simultaneously will be unaffected.)
  2. To temporarily unlock the selection dial, press the selection dial or OK button once. The dial will be locked again when no button or dial is pressed or turned for 2 seconds.
  3. To permanently unlock the selection dial, press and hold the selection dial or the OK button for 2 seconds.


  • With V1.0.164 the push-in functionality of the dial does not seem to be as responsive as it should be anymore.

    Unlike with earlier firmwares, often (short?) push-in events appear to be ignored.

    Could you please look into this?
  • Does it happen to all of your V6?

    I have updated my V6 to V1.0.164 from V1.0.160. The push-in functionality of the selection dial works as expected. By the way, supposed the push-in functionality is the same as OK button. Did you find anything weird with the OK button too?
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    I've tried two V6, they both show the same symptom.

    The OK button suffers from the same problem.

    Here's how you should be able to replicate the problem:
    1. Turn on a V6 in TX mode.
    2. Press "Menu" to get to the channel setting.
    3. Press "OK" once to enter channel adjustment.
    4. Increase the channel by one using the dial.
    5. Very briefly press "OK".
    Too many times the last brief "OK" that should confirm the new channel value will be ignored.

    You may will have to try a number of times to make the last "OK" button press short enough to be ignored.

    My "OK" button presses (typically performed as push-in actions) tend to be short, but I never had any problems with that before V1.0.164.

    I hope this helps.
  • Thank you for the detailed description.

    We are able to replicate the problem by following the instruction provided. We will fix this problem by reducing the responsive time to the push-in functionality of the dial and OK button  Probably the next firmware update will be available in a short time.


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    We have removed this ver 1.0.164 from the updater. The next version will come up very soon.
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