V6 V5 mixed trigering problems

I'm having a problem with the Cactus V6 triggering the Godox AD 360 via 3.5mm sync in rapid fire.

D800 with on camera SB910 (D800 set to continuous high, SB910 set to 1/128 power, powered by 4 fully charged Eneloop batteries) triggering the Cactus V5 via PC sync from flash (Ch 1), Cactus V6(powered with fully charged Eneloop batteries) on AD360 via 3.5mm (AD 360 on Manual 1/128, taking power from the godox PB 960)

If I exchange the Cactus V5 and V6, (V6 on SB910 as transmitter, V5 on AD 360 as receiver), I have no problem getting every image with flash. Furthermore, from the test button, the cactus V5 will trigger the V6 on the AD 360 without problems. If I try triggering from the SB910 test button, only the first one triggers the V6.
In rapid fire, the V6 seems to act as if it is in bulb mode, with the green light being on the whole time.


  • My apologies I managed to track it down to wiring issues. Problem resolved.
  • The issues was with using a stereo 3.5mm cable to trigger the AD 360.
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